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End of 30-day Challenge

I wasn’t able to post anything last week but that didn’t mean that I had no progress at all. I had a terrible headache all week due to my ever increasing eye grade. I’m legally blind now without my lenses with a grade of -8.00 for both eyes plus -2.0/-1.5 astigmatism. My grade religiously increases each year so that made me wonder if I would go totally blind after 10 years…

Anyway, enough about my eyes, back to the challenge. The 30-day challenge was supposed to make our ground floor look organized and clean under a budget of P15,000 or less. I don’t think I hit the number yet though most of the budget went carpentry labor that lasted for almost 3 weeks. I would have gone over the budget if we bought all the woods used.

So here’s the update:

This was our workplace. Mine was the middle when I still used the iMac and my husband’s the one facing the side wall.

There was a useless window behind my table which I hid with a couple of roller blinds. I say useless because it didn’t add any ventilation since that was our laundry area. That side was an open area several years ago, before my husband’s parents decided to enclose it to build a storage room and an extra room for his brother behind this house. You can barely see it, but that faint triangle on the top right is the stairs.

I initially painted the blinds white then tried doing a chevron pattern on it but halfway, I gave up changed my mind because I couldn’t convince myself that it would make the space cleaner. So, I had the window removed…

Not so easy removing the iron grills. Look at my poor iMac!

Look, no window!

And turned it into a shelf. Now that space has use!

So here’s how the workplace side looks like now.

I had two lights installed so we don’t have to turn the living room light on as well as another lamp to be able to work comfortably. (I’ll explain the lighting problem in another post soon.) I had the walls repainted too. Notice the dark brown “base board” is gone now? What a huge impact it makes!

Now, here’s the living room side before.

Remember that awkward space on the wall? Here’s what I had done.

Now, I have two narrow alcoves on either side. I’m torn between having shelves on it or installing mirrors. I’m leaning more on the mirrors because I badly need natural light in the house. Mirrors would definitely help.

So there’s my blank canvas. A handful of DIYs coming up!

Workplace Upgrade

Happy rainy and windy Monday everyone! It is Monday again and my 30-day challenge is almost up in less than 3 weeks. It had been raining really hard earlier and because of this, our carpenter didn’t come to work today. I’m already starting to accept defeat. The ground floor would be impossible to finish by the first week of July so I guess I would have to settle with fixing the living room/workplace first. So while he’s out, I have to make myself useful…

Here’s the progress so far. See how chaotic everything is? I want clean, well-organized look. I hate clutter especially those bunch of rolled blue prints (sorry, hubby!)

I have to get rid of that useless window which only functions as dust gatherer and turn it into something more useful and visually appealing.

I need storage space, lots of it and a place to hide those messy-looking rolls. So that window is going to be an alcove shelf. Here’s the mood board I created to help me execute my plan.

The desk has to be times two, one for me and one for my husband. We have to use our existing desk though but hey, this is a mood board, right? I can use whatever I like… afterall, our desks are white too. The lamp I just love but I’m not sure if I would still use a lamp. I’m planning to hang 2 pendant lamps instead. The wicker box is another love. It can hold a whole lot of junk and of course I need something else for the blue prints and my paper boards as well.

Are you familiar with that blue chair? Perhaps this would help you recognize it.

Still not? Let me do the honor. You can find this chair in Dimensione under the name ‘Daphne chair’. Yes, the Daphne Osmena herself has a furniture and linen line. When I saw this last Saturday in Dimensione BHS, I knew I have to have it. BUT, there’s no way, I’m repeating it, NO WAY, I’m paying P15,000 for a single chair! Besides, I want the seat to be cushioned. Watch out Daphne, I’m going to make a Michelle Chair. My edge–cushy on the butt!

I don’t why I’m starting to have a thing for victorian style chairs… hmmm…