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Coastal Style Inspiration

We don’t live in the beach and there’s none that is less than 3 hours away from our home but the coastal style is what I’m digging for our house. Although I cannot exactly do full out coastal just because it would look ridiculous from where we’re currently living, I only wanted to inject a bit of the beach in the house.

Here are some photos that I found helpful:


According to Room Envy, if you want a coastal inspired living room with laid-back feel as opposed to nautical themed, you should go for natural materials such as warm colored wood, sisal rugs, cotton linens, woven baskets while keeping your color palette white and neutral. Light and airy furniture are must-haves and those clustered tan pillows will complete the look too.


Weathered accents pieces like that mirror frame is another must have item. For wall decors, frame simple botanical prints to bring nature into your home.

coastal dining roomSource

This simple, chunky, light colored bare wood is exactly what I want for our dining although I’m not too keen on the white wicker chairs. I think it’s too beach like for me so I’m thinking of pairing it with modern pieces similar to Eames chair. I adore the blue vases though and that piece of drift wood on the buffet table.

Another reason why I love to go for a coastal inspired look is because it looks comfy. Being clumsy myself, I am not the type who would want polished furniture and highly modern (and expensive!) pieces around the house. They may not last long with me and with my 3-yeard old son. Most of the decors and furniture and be “DIY-ed” too!

When will I finish our living area?

For more beach-themed living room inspirations, you can read this post.

Toilet Gawker: Playa Laiya

The first time I went to Playa Laiya in San Juan, Batangas, I still haven’t started blogging and still haven’t discovered my unusual love for beautiful public toilets. But after doing our Kingdom Hall toilet, I became quite obsessed. On my second visit last Friday, I was happy to be at their toilet again and I appreciated it even more due to its clever green design.

I just love how natural light is utilized in this toilet. To let the light in and to save on electricity, frosted glass panels were installed and spaces were left between the walls, ceiling and even under the countertop.

This is the open space between the male and female toilet where light is gathered from. On the left is the male toilet where you can also see the frosted glass panels. I guess the inside looks just the same as ours.

I am so in love with the slanted sinks. Aside from keeping up with the clean line design of the toilet, it is also economical since you don’t have to buy lots of ceramic lavatory.

Of course, who doesn’t love those yarn balls?

For added ventilation, light and a touch of outdoors, part of the walls are kept open. Notice the cubicle doors decorated with mosaic made from bao ng niyog (coconut husk.) I wonder if the squares can be bought. I would love to have them on one of my walls as an artwork. I don’t think I have the patience to DIY it though.

Here’s the close-up shot.

Here’s the vanity area. The right side is where the toilets are and on the left are the shower stalls which I forgot to shoot. I will when we go back to Laiya.

Finally, the entrance.

Painting a Department Store Furniture

I often find it hard to find suitable furniture in department stores. From SM, Landmark even Puregold and other small, “low-end” furniture shop, they all look the same. The finish is often laminate–same old maple brown, black and sometimes but rarely white. Like this shoe rack. There were no other choices but black. It would have worked well if I were going for a zen look or if I pursued my initial red-black-white color scheme for the living room. But like I said, I’m working on transforming our ground floor into something light and airy like a beach cottage.

I have to get rid of the large dark pieces especially this shoe rack, the TV stand and my two red sofas because they suck the light out of a room and I need pieces that would reflect light. And being cheap, buying new furniture is out of the question. So the solution, PAINT ’em!

Please read on to see what this shoe rack looked like before I painted it.

It wasn’t that bad-looking but I hate how boring it looked, so typically department store-ish…

I wasn’t sure before if I could paint laminated wood but thanks to google again, it can! All you have to do is clean the furniture thoroughly first if it had been with you for quite a long time. Dirt and grime are the worst enemies of paint. Once it is clean and dry, sand it a bit until white flecks appear. (I used 220-grit sandpaper, P10/sheet.) Be careful not to sand too much though. You don’t want to totally ruin the laminates and see the wood show. You just need to remove the sheen a bit so that the primer would stick to the surface. Once you’re done sanding, clean it again, prime it then let it dry completely. Buff the primed surface lightly again using 220-grit sandpaper.

This is how it looked like after priming it.

Now you can paint the surface using a paint brush (for the edges only. You don’t like brush strokes on the surface) and foam roller. You may need multiple coats to ensure good and even coverage especially if you are painting a dark colored piece with light paint like the shoe rack. For frequently used furniture like tables, you may need to add a few coats of polyurethane to protect the paint. I didn’t use one for this though.

Here’s a shot of my fickle-mindedness.

I like the dark shade of turquoise but it looked out of place. I was thinking of doing a white stencil design in the middle, hoping it could tie the look. FAIL!

And now my “brand-new” shoe rack…

I mixed the turquoise color myself using thalo green and thalo blue. I don’t have the exact proportion but to come up with this shade, it should be about 60% green 40% blue.  (plus tons of white, 90% white  6% green 4% blue) Just start with a teeny bit tinting color. Remember, ‘too light’ is easier to deal with than ‘too dark’.

Me, Bryce and Turtle goofing around. Did I tell you I love my new shoe rack?

Materials Used:

Sandpaper (220 grit) – P10/sheet

Foam Roller – P40-60

Paint brush – 3 for P88 (Saizen)

Boysen Flat Wall Enamel (for priming)

Boysen Quick Dry Enamel – P585/ gallon

Thalo Green and Thalo Blue Tinting Colors

Paint Thinner

Masking Tape

* Don’t mind the copy on the images. It was just me dreaming how it would look like featured in a magazine. Heehee!

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