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Going YESSS, YAMAN With My 4 Pre-Loved Items!

pre-loved4I can’t believe how time flies so quickly! I was content with Bryce’s bedroom, but after three years, I just have to make some changes. With the addition of our daughter, Kenya, who is now almost 10 month old, and Bryce starting on homeschooling, that bedroom needs to be redecorated. And in order to do that, I have to sell most of the items in the bedroom. (By the way, I’m joining a Nuffnang contest so pardon the post title. Hehe!)

1. Trundle bed (48″x75″) with drawers (P5,000.00-mattress included, if you want)bryce-bed3bryce-bed4I designed this bed for Bryce when we decided to let Bryce sleep in a separate bedroom. We have existing double  (48″x75″) and single (36″) mattresses so I had to base the design on them. The remaining space under the bed was utilized as storage for Bryce’s toys. Bryce’s room also serves as a guest room whenever my folks stay over so the extra mattress was really useful until I turned the single mattress into our sofa.

I’m planning to have a single bed for Bryce and a toddler bed for Kenya. Yes, they will be sharing a room since we don’t have an extra room in the house. But someday, Kenya will have her own. So this too-huge-bed-for-a-kid now has to go…

2. Ikea Malm 6-Drawer Dresser Replica (P5,000.00)

ikea-malmI love IKEA but since we don’t have it here in the Philippines, I had this dresser done by a carpenter. This is our first “bespoke” furniture and has served our family well especially before we had our second floor renovated when the built-in cabinets smelled like a century old chest. Bryce used it for more than 3 years and then Kenya had it. Now, they will both be sharing the built-in cabinet so I had to let this one go to. I wouldn’t if only we have space for it…

make-overI love this so much that I still want it to have a make over. Maybe make it classy for the master bedroom by painting gold lines on it or just add simple leather pulls.

ombreIt can stay in the kids bedroom still by painting the drawers in different colors or how about ombre? If you’re interested in being the new owner and would like to have it re-done, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to customize it for you. :)

3. Kids Table and Chair (P200)kids-tableThis had been Bryce’s study table which I painted with chalkboard paint so he didn’t have to draw on the walls. I need to have this replaced by a proper desk since he’s a big boy now!

4. Floor Lamp (P400)

lampLike I’ve said, most of the items in the bedroom have to go. I’m totally changing the look of this bedroom since they will be sharing this room soon.

Please help me get rid of these four pre-loved items so I can start on my new decorating project! :) See my ad here in OLX.PH.

Baby Girl-Friendly Master Bedroom

Kenya will be sharing room with us for her first year. I honestly thought I wouldn’t be sharing our bed  with a drooling (and peeing) baby anymore. I surely don’t miss our milk/drool-stained colored bedsheets. I’ve always wanted crisp, white sheets and so when Bryce had his own room two years ago, I immediately bought a 300 TC set of beddings.

For the longest time, our room was just black and white which I loved. When we had our ground floor repainted with happy blue and yellow, I wanted some of those happy colors incorporated in our room. When we found out we’re having a girl, I knew I wanted some pink and yellow in the room. bedroom1-new

I only got to start working on our bedroom when I hit 36 weeks and as much as I wanted to do so much in this room, I just lack the energy to do it. So the projects had to be really quick and easy.

First, I bought a couple panels of blackout curtain from SM Department Store (on sale for P480/panel). If I were still “capable”, I would go to Ylaya St.and buy blackout fabric there and sew the curtains myself. For P1000, I would have 10 yards, definitely more than enough for 4 panels which I need for our window. (I can’t remember if the width of blackout fabric is 110″.)

Originally, I wanted to either dye my fabric ombre or paint it with cool geometric pattern. But like I’ve said, I was already huge and my back is killing me so I ended up buying 6 meters of 3″ coral ribbon to sew stripes on my curtain for a pop of color.


The frames above the headboard now seem too black compared to the white curtains now. I wanted the room to look brighter and if only I had more time, I would have spray painted them white. So instead, I used the same striped fabric tape I used for out trolley table to make the frames lighter. And look, I finally changed the default artworks. I did a couple of 5-minute water color painting and used scrap book paper for the other two. I will change it still though.

I am also planning to re-upholster our headboard with something of lighter color like white leather or oil cloth. As much as I love our fabric headboard, it’s a dust gatherer and I know it would not be good for Kenya.

I’ve always wanted something around the TV or even something to cover it like a frame that can be opened because I don’t like having a really huge black spot on that wall. (The TV was a gift from my sister-in-law so I can’t really complain. Hehe!) I was thinking of a different treatment for this but I found those cheap native-looking placemats (P30 each) in Landmark and thought maybe it would be a good background for the TV. But when I finished attaching them (I used double-sided tape), I’m a bit disappointed with the result. It just doesn’t blend with the rest of the room. Again, I will change this as soon as I am recovered from delivering the baby.

I added washi tapes on the bottom for more color. The planter was DIY from my collection of used palochina planks. Oh, the two cylindrical vases are the same black ones from the “before” room. I just wrapped it with corrugated gift wrapper. Told ya, quick and easy projects.

Have I told you that love shopping at Landmark? It’s like every time I go there, there’s something new and interesting. You just have to look hard enough. Remember the cute pillow covers and the polka dot kitchen towels? Shopping their home section is like a treasure hunt for me. I always score something pretty yet cheap. My last find was that cotton coral rug (approximately 72″x48″) on sale from P999 to P899. I am so in love with the color and I wish Kenya has her own room already. It seems kinda off in its current placement but I don’t care because I love walking on to it every time I go to my side of bed. It’s so soft…. And by the way, that’s my new diaper bag (hospital bag for now) and we’re ready to deliver anytime!!! Yey!bedroom4-newI can never have enough baskets. I hate clutter and these guys make things a lot easier for me (and keeps me sane too). I got quite a bunch of damaged discs so I decided to use them as temporary labels. Not so creative huh… I will work on everything as soon as Kenya’s here and I’m up on my feet. But for now, I guess this would do… Now you know why I am getting so impatient. :)

Sneak Peek #2: Master bedroom

This is originally posted September last year but I’m posting it again for reference purposes.

For the nth time, i’m going to say that I really regret not taking photos before the renovation took place. This is how our bedroom looks like now. The built-in cabinet occupied the space where the headboard is right now. We had the cabinets moved to the right side of the room and replaced the worn out walls with new ones. And like Bryce’s room, we had bigger windows installed.

Our window before was so small that one curtain panel was enough. I felt like we were in a tower prison with one tiny window positioned way too high on the wall. And that window had the same ugly pointed arch like the one in our living room.

All the furniture in the room are custom-made, the cabinets, side table, bed frame, the console table on the foot of our bed. I am especially proud of our DIY headboard, my first ever DIY project (with the help of hubby of course).

Oh, you can see how lazy I am… I bought the four frames hanging on top of the headboard last year and I still haven’t changed the photos that came with them. I’m getting tired of the black and white theme too. I’m planning to change the look soon. So many things to do, so little time…


I haven’t posted the other side of the room.So here are the pictures before I did a minor make over.

bedroom1 bedroom2

1 2 3