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Design Thought: Emerald-Take it or Leave it?

Pantone recently announced its color pick for 2013 and I am quite happy with their choice. As Pantone says it, emerald is “lively, radiant, lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our well-being, balance and harmony.” It is a color taken from nature and so I thought you can’t go wrong with it. It also reminds me of  the waters of Palawan’s underground river.
Tourists approaching the cave of Palawan's amazing Subterranean River system

But green is not for everyone. I, for example, personally think it’s a borderline between tacky and refreshing. I would never use emerald  (or any green in particular) on walls and tiles no matter how many interior design blogs and magazines swear by it. It’s just not for me. The commitment is just too scary. I may love it for a day but I know I would hate myself for doing so.

I painted our kitchen apple green with the thought of doing something daring and “refreshing.” (Apple green was my signature color as a graphic designer.) Now, I regret the decision and I can’t tell my husband that I want to have the kitchen walls repainted. (Sorry for the image. This was supposed to be a “before” picture.) I should have stuck with a neutral color and chose green for accents like curtains or kitchen utensils.

So if you hate commitment or just fickle-minded like me, I advise not to use “trendy” colors on your wall, unless you have the budget and time to change it every now and then. Because as we all know it, a trend fades away eventually.

Not exactly the color I would commit myself to.

Certainly not for me either.

On the brighter side, this color of the year gives you the reason to add a bit of nature into your home. Most of us are not lucky enough to have a yard for a garden, so a few plants, either real or synthetic, is a sure way to have emerald in your home.

Matching green with gold can have an elegant effect without being too overwhelming. I love how those green and gold striped throw pillows make those two lamps and sunburst wall decor seem so expensive. If you have an existing lamp, you can always spray paint it green and of course you can have slip covers custom made for the chairs. No commitment at all!
What do you think of Pantone’s 2013 color of the year? Will you take it or leave it?

Design Thought: All-white interior, practical or not?

Like I mentioned before, we only have one tiny, pathetic looking window for our whole ground floor. Our house sits about 2 feet lower than the garage and my in-laws’ house. The garage’s roof blocks most of the sunlight so the only time I could literally see sunlight in our living area is when the sun is shining too brightly you have to wear sunglasses even if you’re under the roof. Most of the days, it is cloudy so the room looks gloomy and cave-like.

Few months ago, I finally got rid of the brown painted “baseboard” by painting the area all white. I had the dark brown TV stand painted white too and covered those red sofas with white bed sheets. Sorry, I still can’t get myself to take pictures of our living area because it just looks too far from being finished. Soon though, soon… Anyway, this made the room much, much brighter. Those red sofas which I thought were so cool turned out to be one of the major culprits for sucking the light out of the room!

So I thought, white is probably the best color for spaces deprived of natural light like condos and small townhouses. But since we’re living the Philippines where white doesn’t stay white for more than a day because of the pollution, is it practical?

Personally, I think it depends on the choice of material.

The white painted wooden floors, if sealed properly, is quite easy to clean. Choose furniture that are low maintenance like those thrifted chairs and coffee table, painted in pastel then distressed. Just make sure the couch covers are changeable so you can wash it from time to time.

To protect your precious sofas, have at least a couple of slipcover made so you can cover the sofas immediately after taking off the dirty one.

High gloss lacquer finish furniture look elegant and easy to maintain as you can quickly wipe off any dirt on it.

What do you think? Is white practical or not?

Want Pantone without commitment?

Who doesn’t love Pantone? Well, as much as we all love it, some unlucky ones (ahem, ahem, that’s me) cannot afford it. And besides, the paints and textiles are not available in my country (or I probably just didn’t look hard enough).  But that doesn’t stop me us from incorporating rich, bright Pantone hues into our homes. Those solid colors can really brighten anyone’s day. That’s why we’re so in love with Pantone, right?

Here are some ideas on how to inject Pantone-inspired colors to your home with little or almost no commitment at all. Just choose paint or fabric color closest to your desired Pantone color and start being happy! No one would know it wasn’t the real thing anyway.

Pick one small wall (if you don’t want to commit too much) or a big one (if you’re totally decided), turn it into your accent wall and leave the rest of your house neutral. Pick a bright shade like citron yellow for instant sunshine. It works best on sunny dining rooms.

Add an instant pop of color by adding a piece of Pantone-inspired furniture. (This tangerine chair is designed by Verner Panton during the 60s but it still makes hype in interior design. Good thing Panton adapted Pantone, or is it the other way around? Hehe)

For the quite daring, choose areas you want to accentuate like kitchen backsplash, countertop base and a small wall.

When everything else is grey or monochromatic, add a splash of color by painting the back of your shelf. For no commitment at all, use paper or fabric instead so you can peel it off whenever you get tired of it. Match it with an accent chair in similar shade.

This is a total no commitment at all. Instantly add color to an all brown room by using brightly colored vase, flowers and fruits!

Tip: If the room is generally monochromatic, see if the colors are warm or cool, then pick a bright accent color under the same family. For example, the picture above has different shades of brown which is warm, and so the accent colors chosen were lemon yellow, tangerine orange and lime green. Doing so would save you from having colors that are an eye sore rather than an accent.

Before you feel intimidated with way too many neon colors, let me tell you that this has least commitment. Why? The walls, coffee tables, floor, ceiling and that long couch are left neutral so all you have to do is buy a huge piece of fabric and hang it as a curtain. (You can just pin it if you really don’t want to commit yourself to it). Your throw pillows can add extra neon punch to your room and yea, slip-cover your other couches if you still can’t get enough. That wall art? Well, you know you can always change the picture, right?

For those who still want to stick to muted tones, frame several color swatches to create this mosaic-like wall art.

Do I still need to explain this one? Hint: post-its.

May also start with a printable poster like this one.

Click here to download Poster.

For complete list of Pantone paint and interior products, please visit Pantone’s website.

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