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DIY Driftwood Vase

driftwood vase-2

Most people collect shells and sea rocks when going to the beach. I collect driftwoods so I especially like going to beaches after a storm or to beaches which haven’t been thoroughly cleaned yet. I got a bunch of small ones during our last trip to Playa Laiya. I wanted to fill an entire bag but I only managed a couple of handfuls.

I’ve seen these vases in Pinterest and I’ve always wanted to have one to call my own. So here’s what I did using an empty plastic container.
driftwood vase-how1

For the past few weeks, I’ve been so addicted to Stick-O. The first container was given to Bryce by his Grandpa and I ate most of it. Bought two more, one small and a big one and I still can’t get enough of it. 🙂 Anyway, I was supposed to do two vases but my driftwoods aren’t enough.driftwood vase-how2

I wrapped the container using a decorative adhesive paper which I bought from Landmark for less than a P100/roll a couple of years back.  If you’re in the mood, you can peel off the sticker instead. But I’m lazy so I just wrapped it instead. Then to cover the mouth of the container, I wrapped some jute string (bought from Daiso in Waltermart, Muños for P66) using my good, ol’ glue gun.driftwood vase-how3

Still using glue gun, start sticking the driftwoods on the container. Most of the pieces were shorter than the container height but it doesn’t matter since i have a decorative paper underneath which seems to add to the design. The others were taller though, but they make the vase even more unique which I love. And that’s it! Tie a raffia for finishing touches. 
dipped-candle holder

By the way, the two round vases are actually candle holder which I got from Uniwide Warehouse for P39 each. I simply dipped in my yellow left-over paint which I used for our dining area walls.

I can’t wait for another beach trip so I can replenish my driftwood collection.

First Condo Unit Project: Dining Area

It’s already June! I know I keep saying that I’ll be updating this blog regularly but I just find it so hard to do. Having no house help for more than a month now (which really makes me happy because I am less stressed), I just have to juggle my time between house chores and graphic projects and of course being a pregnant mom. Not an easy thing to do!

So, anyway, I finally had the chance to shoot the finished dining area of my sister-in-law’s condo unit. If you haven’t seen the other areas, you can check out this post.

The artwork is created by me (Big AHEM!) You can order one and I can customize it according to your requirements. You can request a change in size or accent color, order just the print and even customize the frame.

Another customized item I’m quite proud of is this dining table design collaboration by me and my hubby. (You can also order if you’re interested and of course, we can customize it for you. 🙂 )


Love, love the graphic cube base!

And since the unit is small, every storage  idea counts so this dining table has two drawers on each side (a total of 4) where you can place your utensils, place mats and other knick-knacks.

Almost everything in this unit has been customized by me (AHEM! again) including the breakfast nook (which was supposed to be built-in but was fabricated in our house instead.) Told ya, everything should have a storage space. 🙂 For space this small, (about 57 sq.m. for a 2-bedroom unit) storage space is my main concern because I just hate clutter (even if I’m not the one who will be living in it). It has to look like it’s part of the design that’s why customizing the pieces is much better than buying ready-made ones.
IMG_7846I hope in the next few days, I can start working on my own home projects.

If you want to inquire about my interior styling service, kindly fill up this INQUIRY FORM.

Sneak Peek: My First Condo Unit Project

Okaaay, after months of struggling with my first ever take on interior decorating, here is the glimpse of what has been done so far. The pictures are not in their best quality because I had to take photos really quickly. It’s almost 9pm and most of the afternoon was spent organizing the clutter (the owners moved in weeks before I finalized everything and just dumped all their stuff in every nook and crannies they could find.)


There’s still a lot to do here but it’s more on just accessorizing and personalizing it. Here is the living room showing almost no personality of the owners (should I say it’s more like mine since they left the decision on me. Haha!) I still need to add boxes on the top shelf, a huge decorative bowl on the right of the TV to hold the remote, chargers, etc. The TV needs to be hung and the DVD player to be hidden in the shelf.

Since my idea for this condo unit is a “blank canvas to add art to”, I made the walls white and the furniture plain and in neutral colors  so different color palettes can be used. Check out the mood board I did for this although the result isn’t kind of exact. Framed artworks need to be added too so it can pull the look together. All the colors will come from accessories so those are essential to the design and should be chosen carefully or else it’ll end up cluttered.

By the way, that’s my DIY upholstered sofa!


My absolute favorite is the dining area. And my all-time favorite feature is the mirrored wall. The table was a design collaboration by me and my husband!

Below is how the kitchen looked like during the turn over. I am so not digging the medium brown faux wood formica and the salt and pepper granite so I had the cabinets painted.

kitchen-beforeAlthough it’s still far from what I have envisioned, the new cabinets now seem to match the look I’m going after: young, bright, “blank canvas.” If only the granite were plain black or white, I would have opted for a bright colored painted glass for the backsplash, or maybe mosaic tiles. But since salt and pepper is already a busy design, I just chose mirror for added depth.


There still has lots to do here. The left side of the kitchen where the stove is supposed to be is still empty. And don’t dare look inside those cabinets because it is where I put the “skeletons.” Haha!


This is what you see when you enter the master bedroom and that’s just it! There is nothing else behind that door except the wall. That’s how small this room is. The other one is even smaller. FYI, I didn’t choose the curtains nor the beddings. My mother in-law placed them temporarily (I hope!) while we’re still waiting for the black out curtains to be finished.

Since the walls are painted medium gray, the curtains that I wanted for this room is white with a strip or two of accent color. The beddings should be pure 300 or above thread count luxurious linen for a hotel feel. The silver leafy curtains should be ok if paired with plain white linen. The black and white beddings should also be alright if the curtains and pillow covers are plain too. This current look is too department store-ish… Ick! So not luxurious at all.

bedroom1-semiafterI love the pearly leatherette headboard which we DIY’ed too (husband and wife tandem) but something is still missing. I’ll be back next week though to finish it. Again, the bedroom looks like a hotel room with no trace of the owners’ personality. No wall art yet and other personal paraphernalia.

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