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DIY Driftwood Vase

driftwood vase-2

Most people collect shells and sea rocks when going to the beach. I collect driftwoods so I especially like going to beaches after a storm or to beaches which haven’t been thoroughly cleaned yet. I got a bunch of small ones during our last trip to Playa Laiya. I wanted to fill an entire bag but I only managed a couple of handfuls.

I’ve seen these vases in Pinterest and I’ve always wanted to have one to call my own. So here’s what I did using an empty plastic container.
driftwood vase-how1

For the past few weeks, I’ve been so addicted to Stick-O. The first container was given to Bryce by his Grandpa and I ate most of it. Bought two more, one small and a big one and I still can’t get enough of it. :) Anyway, I was supposed to do two vases but my driftwoods aren’t enough.driftwood vase-how2

I wrapped the container using a decorative adhesive paper which I bought from Landmark for less than a P100/roll a couple of years back.  If you’re in the mood, you can peel off the sticker instead. But I’m lazy so I just wrapped it instead. Then to cover the mouth of the container, I wrapped some jute string (bought from Daiso in Waltermart, Muños for P66) using my good, ol’ glue gun.driftwood vase-how3

Still using glue gun, start sticking the driftwoods on the container. Most of the pieces were shorter than the container height but it doesn’t matter since i have a decorative paper underneath which seems to add to the design. The others were taller though, but they make the vase even more unique which I love. And that’s it! Tie a raffia for finishing touches. 
dipped-candle holder

By the way, the two round vases are actually candle holder which I got from Uniwide Warehouse for P39 each. I simply dipped in my yellow left-over paint which I used for our dining area walls.

I can’t wait for another beach trip so I can replenish my driftwood collection.

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