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Quick Crafts For My Home Office

IMG_4768My home office is still a work in progress and I’m still not ready for a final reveal. There are still a lot of unfinished details which I will post as soon as I get them done. So far, here is a couple of quick projects that I did weeks ago.

Washi tapes are great for adding pops of color in your personal space so I decided to use some of my old stuff for this makeshift holder. I have this shallow vase that I bought from Uniwide for P30. It would have been a perfect planter for succulents but I’m not yet ready for a live one so I used it to “grow” wash tapes instead.

I simply used a small piece of styrofoam to hold my driftwoods, cover it with decorative stones and added a bit of plastic grass. And because I don’t have any more tapes to display and two sticks simply look weird, I stuck an old paint brush upside down as a signage! Haha!IMG_4747And here is my burlap-wrapped cork boards. I painted the middle cork board with the same yellow I used on my office walls and glued a sisal rope around the edges. To attach the round boards on the wall, I simply used some heavy duty double-sided tapes. IMG_4756Still got lots to do here and I hope I can finish everything including the kids bedroom before the year ends.

Sneak Peek: My Corner Office

This is going to be just a very short post since my eyes are still burning and my head still feels like being fried. It had been quite a frustrating week since I got sick with flu on Tuesday. Yea, on a holiday when I was supposed to be finishing up my home office, I was practically bedridden with achy muscles and fever that didn’t go below 38℃! That said, after more than a month, I’m still not yet through with this space in our house.

Anyway, I’m just so excited to share that I have at least finished my hand-painted herringbone wall. I still have to do the other side of the wall though. Hopefully, I’m all better next week. So here’s a glimpse of my home office…home officeThe wooden shelf brackets are still bare. Gotta stain that next week too… And look at my framed vintage ads from my 1967 issue of Vogue! Bought that Vogue from one of the shops in Cubao Expo for P250 a couple of years ago. I just love the hand-drawn ads. Reminds me of college days…Hehehe!vintage-ad1967That’s it for now. I’m going to sleep again. What do you think of the progress?

My Very Own Corner in the House, Coming Up!

First off, let me whine and be real. :)

I always envy those DIY bloggers who have this virtual house tour links in their blog. Their houses look perpetually clean, organized and styled as if the HGTV crew is ready to barge in anytime. Some of these are veteran bloggers who, even in their first or second month of delivering a baby, still manages to blog and even more amazing, squeeze in a DIY project or two! Kenya is already 8 months old and it is only now that I am finding time to pick up where I left off. And still, it is such a struggle! Imagine being blissfully immersed in what you’re doing and suddenly it’s time for feeding or for pumping milk  again after just a couple of hours.

So anyway, this is really embarrassing and let me emphasize that I am so not proud of this. But if you’re wondering if bloggers really maintain such glorious abodes, well, take me for a reality example. This is how our house looks like right now, at this very moment: total chaos! Haha!

reality3Our center table has taken a vacation to make way for the foldable foam where Kenya can safely play. I wasn’t able to finish painting our shoe rack and has been the car seat’s place since Kenya was born. Notice the car seat isn’t even properly placed on its based because our house help has never seat a car seat before and I don’t even care fixing it. The place is a mess anyway.


The other half of our dining area has been my temporary storage for months. This is its cleaner state now that I have moved all of Oriel’s stuff in their unit. The one on the left behind the electric fan is the former built-in bookshelf I had removed from upstairs and the DIY buffet table is still left unfinished. Sad, huh?

reality1And finally, our work place that has been neglected for months! I never finished the shade for my DIY pendant lights too. :( And speaking of work place, let’s now talk about MY work place. After all, this is what the post is all about. Haha!

I’ve always wanted my own home office, an entire room, that is. I want all my arts and crafts supplies to be in one place, safe from curious little hands. I also hate working when there are people around and since our workplace is shared with the living area and with the rest of the house, I would usually work on our bed using our “breakfast in bed tray” as my laptop table. And of course my back would suffer and I would end up surfing most of the time instead of finishing my projects because the bedroom is simply not conducive to working.


reality4And so I decided to transfer my work place upstairs so I can have the privacy I’ve always wanted. :p It may not be the best spot since it is beside the bathroom but with my magical powers, I can make it work. Haha!

That bookshelf is no longer doing its job efficiently so it has to go. See, more mess…

home office-progressThis is my corner home office in progress! Woohoo! Not much to appreciate here yet but this looks much better than having a bookshelf there. I will try to finish painting the walls this week so I can have the final reveal by next weekend.

The yellow wall will have hand-painted herringbone pattern like this one and I will add a rug to brighten up the space. I would have done a mood board, but again, I can’t find the time. Haha!Herringbone_03


So there, just sharing the current state of our home. I gotta finish painting the walls today. Once this corner is done, I can finish cleaning up the rest of the house.


By the way, just a tip I found somewhere in Pinterest. I love painting but I hate cleaning my tools. :) painting-tip

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