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Bryce and Kenya’s Fun Day at Active Fun, BGC

Last January 30, a Thursday, I commuted alone to BGC where Nuffnang’s office is, to get the invite for Johnson’s Baby Play Factory event. I actually didn’t want to go because I was buried with design projects but decided to anyway, thinking I could use a break after almost two weeks straight of being stuck at home. I left the house at 11:30am with plans to have nice, unhurried and uninterrupted lunch by myself then try Cold Stone, spend an hour lounging in Fully Booked, go window shopping, maybe spend the afternoon at The Spa and be home by at least 7pm. Just a blissful day out for me, a break from round the clock breastfeeding and a chance for my achy muscles to be relieved.

Play Factory1

Look how cool the invite is! Thanks Johnson’s!

Well, this is what happened. I got in BGC at almost 12:30 and had to walk quickly to Fully Booked to avoid getting drenched by the rain. I browsed around the Arts section, waiting for the rain to stop. Time seemed to move so slowly. I had my plans but all I could think about is how I wish Bryce was here with me in the bookstore, and my husband here to have lunch with me. I was itching to go home, worrying about Kenya because she goes on a hunger strike whenever I am out. So by 1:30, I picked up the package and headed to Conti’s for lunch.

This was supposed to be my day of solitude which was a must for me (well, at least before I had kids.) It hit me then that I have changed. When I was younger, I used to enjoy my time alone. This was when I can really relax and think. I actually preferred being by myself than being with people. But having a family can really change a person. I no longer wish to detach myself to people but rather attach myself to my kids and husband. I don’t need to take a break from them because living with them is not tiring at all. Taking care of them is not a chore but something that gives me joy and fulfillment. Seeing them smile and hearing them laugh are enough to recharge me. So right after finishing my lunch, I went home yearning to be back to my family… Cheesy, I know, but I guess, one changes when she becomes a mother.

Play Factory2

Bryce was not in the mood to have his picture taken, and so was Kenya. 🙁

The event was on Saturday, February 1 at Active Fun. We came a bit late and the program has already started. Actually, Cha Cha had almost finished her awesome rendition of “Let It Go” from Frozen. But at least we were in time for the snack (hehe!) which consisted of spaghetti, chicken lollipop, brownies (yum!) and flavored popcorn!

Play Factory3

“Yey, I’m tall enough for the giant slide!”

All invited kids were given complimentary 1-hour pass at Active Fun. Although Kenya had a pass, it was only Bryce and Daddy who got in. I just waited while Kenya took her afternoon nap. So, no evidence of me being in the event. I am always the photographer who never get in the pictures. 🙁Play Factory43

At least, Bryce had a lot of fun and thanks to Johnson’s and Nuffnang for inviting us to this wonderful event.

Johnson’s shares some ideas on how you can make powder time into fun play time. It’s also a chance for moms and kids to bond with each other, using powder creatively. Watch the video below for ideas. 🙂

Prologue Done. The First Chapter Begins Now…

newbornOctober 19-20: After 9 months of waiting, our newest bundle of joy finally arrived! I was in active labor for approximately six hours. From 4am to around 9am, the contraction pain was totally bearable. We got into the hospital at 7am and was still able to smile through labor until 9:30. I was only 6cm dilated but Kenya was already trying to get out with each contraction (my uterus wasn’t that ready yet, haha!) Pain, pain, more pain, then I was out. Next thing I knew, a nurse was asking me if it was ok for me to breastfeed Kenya but all I wanted to do was sleep…

We were home Sunday afternoon. How I already missed our comfy bed…

October 21: We survived the first night of endless pooping! Kenya seemed to be up all night, sleeping continuously only at past 4am. I’m not feeling too tired and I hope I can retain my energy (especially the hubby who is officially in charge of poop cleaning.) Dad and Kenya are going back to the hospital this afternoon for her newborn screening and I will be catching up on my sleep…

Morgan’s Day Out (Not Really)

Last Monday, the three of us (me, the hubby and Morgan, our one year old lab) went to PAWS (The Philippine Animal Welfare Society) so Morgan can have his blood tested before he gets neutered. A lot of people are trying to discourage us from neutering Morgan. Well, why wouldn’t they? Morgan sure is a pretty dog but the hubby has already made up his mind due to a number of benefits. I don’t know much about dogs as I’ve never owned a pet before (except for a duckling which our neighbor’s kids drowned when I was about 5 years old) so I just came along for moral support. 🙂


It was our first time at PAWS and we spent the entire afternoon there waiting for the vet who was out for an emergency surgery. Call me mean but I just find it funny whenever I hear about dogs having cancer or tumors even diabetes or arthritis. They do get sick like people too. Vets won’t admit it but hubby says (according to some research and… common sense) the kibbles are to blame. It makes sense, doesn’t it? When humans survive on processed food alone, what do you expect to happen? Dogs are not different. They are not meant to have a diet of processed food. But how come vets still recommend kibbles? You can guess it…


Morgan is on raw diet for more than 6 months now. His usual meal consists of pork liver, chicken feet, neck(including the head), pig’s heart, pig’s kidney. Sometimes it is half a pig’s face, pork/beef ribs, a chicken quarter, a whole fish, raw egg (yes, including the shell) and once, a huge chunk of beef shank (I got jealous because beef shank is expensive and we rarely buy it and Morgan gets to eat one! I guess I never let the hubby forget it so he never bought it again. Hehe!) Did we notice any difference? Yes, we did. His coat is shinier, his poop is lesser and has almost no smell at all. He doesn’t have tartar and he seemed to be leaner, more muscular, not flabby. And no, he didn’t develop an appetite for every moving creature he sees.

Anyway, we waited for hours so we got to have chats with other sick dog owners (not that Morgan was sick. He was just about to be scheduled to have his balls taken out. Hehehe!)

Morgan and don

Here’s the hubby and Morgan for a photo op.


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