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I am In Love with a Lantern

When I saw this DIY felt petal lantern from BecomingElizabeth, I instantly fell in love. As you know, I am crazy about DIY paper shades that’s why I made a collection of DIY-able paper light shade ideas to inspire myself and others as well. I just finished my own paper shade which you can read here, but when I saw this tutorial, I am itching to buy more lanterns to do this.

img_5517Isn’t it so pretty? She even did another version for her table lamp. Love!

327863_10151187675134047_306930642_oCheck out the tutorial on BecomingElizabeth.

10 Must-Do DIY Projects for 2013

It’s almost the end of 2012 and I know most of you have been pinning DIY projects for the past months. How much have you actually tried from among the ones you pinned? Don’t ask me. I think I’ve only tried just one or two or probably none. So why don’t we try these popular pins from last year and make it our New Year’s resolution to accomplish all of them (that is if you haven’t done it already.)


1. String art – There are so many versions out there, but this one is my favorite because the bright strings look beautiful against the rustic wood.

2. Cutting a wine bottle – I have always wanted to try this and this tutorial is so far the simplest and easiest one to do.

3. Crochet basket method – If you know crochet basics, then you can definitely do this for making rugs and baskets.


4. Transfer an image on a canvas – This really is a must do for me.

5. DIY Tinted Mason Jars – I’ve always wanted to do this with all the bottles I accumulated but never really found the time to do it. I will try this one soon.

6. DIY chalkboard paint in any color – It’s so hard to find black chalkboard paint here in the Philippines and I don’t think there are colored versions available either. So this tutorial is just perfect for me or for anyone who wants to save huge.

7. Handmade felt flowers –  Decorative handmade pillows are so expensive so I’m creating one instead. I already have felt anyway.


8. Moss graffiti – We have a plant box but I can’t plant anything because our dog will just chew everything off. This one might add some greens outside the house.

9. No-sew roman shades – For people who don’t know how to sew like, this is a useful tutorial.

10. DIY Sharpie tie-dye – Another Sharpie project! Can’t wait to try it.

Another DIY Cellphone Case

I made my own cellphone case months ago. Back then, I wanted something “ruggedly beautiful” but this time, I wanted something a bit more colorful.  I bought a yard and a half of yellow and blue felt from Carolina’s last week for P180/yard. I was going to use it for an accent pillow but I couldn’t wait to try it on something smaller first. I had lost my cellphone case anyway.

So here goes the tutorial now…

First, cut your felt according to your phone’s size. I did this by placing my phone on top of the folded felt, cutting around it leaving at least half an inch allowance. I folded it from the bottom so the two sides had to be stitched (blanket-stitch).

After sewing the case, cut six (6) pieces of strips about an inch in height then make the fringes like the above photo.

Arrange your fringes first before gluing them, marking their position on the case. I used Bostik Sew No More on the first bottom two fringes but unfortunately I ran out of it so I had to sew the rest. If you don’t have fabric glue available, you can sew the fringes too using just a running stitch but you have to do it before you sew the sides.

And here is the finish product! My final stitches are crooked. Haha! You can do this with throw pillows too using color combination of your choice. Isn’t it quick and easy? It’s also a perfect hand-made gift.