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Maximizing your Condo Unit Space with SB Furniture

Last June 9, I attended SB Furniture Collection Launch and Showroom Tour in Bonifacio Global City. I have heard of SB Furniture before but never really considered it for my condo projects. I thought this was just another department store brand that wouldn’t last long, but I was proved wrong after the event.

Whenever I design, I always consider the durability and flexibility of the pieces that I choose. As a designer, my clients trust me on choosing good quality furniture without going beyond the budget and so I try to avoid those that are made from low quality MDF that warp over time.  When I saw SB Furniture’s items, I know that I will now keep their catalogs for my future projects. There is a wide variety of designs that may go with almost any themes you have in mind. 

img_6138As SB Furniture Merchandising Manager Jackson Cue said: “We at SB Furniture understand how personal the home is, so we make sure to help customers get a home that reflects their personality and preferences through extensive product lines that consider varied needs and home themes.”

img_6082I personally love their hanging cabinets which you can combine to create bigger storage. The white cabinets above are sized 120 x 30 x 40cm which is perfect as media cabinet, an overhead shelf above the bed or even a storage console table along the hallway.img_6113If you are looking for something Scandinavian in theme, they also have furniture in light oak wood finish. img_6117Should you prefer something more classic, the Spazio Collection may be for you. The clean lines in dark wood finish adds elegance to your space.img_6049For your sweet tween daughter, the Patisia Collection may be something she would fall in love with. One of my client’s daughter actually wanted a pink bedroom like this one. Hehe!

img_6174SB Furniture’s showrooms and stores are located in Bonifacio Global City (in photo), Makati, Alabang, Ortigas, Quezon City, Sta. Rosa, and Pampanga. For more information, please visit their website at

We like for our customers to think of us as a friend and partner so we encourage you to share your vision with us. The consultation with our design specialists will help you get a clearer picture of how to maximize and lay-out your space. When you’ve selected what you want, we offer fast delivery and home installations – so you can actually get your dream home all in one day!

-Jackson Cue

Shopping Guide: Vintage American Furniture and Decors


R&R Western Antiques & Decors is located at 120 Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City.

This place was featured in Real Living’s December 2012-January 2013 issue and so I was looking forward to visiting this place when we stayed in Tagaytay last December 31. The words ‘thrift store’ always seem to bring an adrenalin rush in me.


The owners were Renee and Ruben Cueto who shared that the business started out only as a hobby, collecting country pieces, until more and more people came asking if the items were for sale. That was back in 1998 when the store was at their own residence in Quezon City. The Tagaytay branch only emerged in 2003.

All furniture are second hand from the US but the couple totally restored them. I am more into furniture and home decor rather than collectible items and this store has quite an interesting number of pieces. I like that vintage milk jug lamp on the right hand side of the picture above but the price is waaaay beyond my reach.

r&r-vintage lamps2

This pair of vintage lamps are for P5,800/pair.


The table lamp (left) is for P4,500 and the 3-glass oakwood chandelier (right) is for P8,800. Both are in good, working condition.

I honestly have to say that I wouldn’t consider this store as a thrift shop (sorry, Real Living) but rather a specialty store. If you’re an antique collector then this is a good place to find valuable collectibles.


All the furniture are beautifully restored, you wouldn’t think they were second hand at all.

As for me, I am looking for “junk”, unwanted furniture that I am going to restore myself so when you say “thrift store”, I am expecting Salvation Army or Goodwill-like prices and items.


Love these vintage pewters and those two thingies, I’m not sure what they are though. They would look pretty as a decor if we had a bar at home. Hehe!


I no longer bothered checking out the prices of these chairs. I can’t afford them anyway:)

I love the details of these chairs and I would be lying if I said I don’t want one. The polished wood finish isn’t exactly me though. If I could afford it, I would have painted them in pastel colors (turquoise, butter yellow, pink or pale green). They would look so nice in a girl’s bedroom by the vanity table. So chic! I hope I can find similar items for a price that I can actually afford…

Should We Buy Authentic or Replica Designer Furniture?

Like I’ve said before, I recently just got interested in interior design after designing our Kingdom Hall stage and ladies’ bathroom. For about six months now, I’m continuously trying to educate myself about interior decorating, from space planning to furniture terms. Believe me, even though I’m a Fine Arts graduate, it’s not helping much. I still have a long, long way to go.

And since I’ve been shopping for furniture for my sister-in-law’s condo, I accidentally got introduced to designer furniture. Originally, I wanted a transparent dining chair for her. (I recently found out that the correct term for ‘transparent’ when it comes to furniture is lucite.) A victoria ghost chair from Dexterton costs P16,000 whereas the same chair from Uratex Warehouse costs less than P4,000. I would have bought that one if only my sister-in-law didn’t worry about it getting all scratched up and yellowish in time. I agreed because I know that it’s what you’re going to get for over P10,000 savings.

But what if we really like the design and can’t afford the real thing? It’s just the same as the LV bags you can buy in Greenhills, right? I swore to myself that I will never, ever buy replicas of designer bags. If I can’t afford it, then I won’t have it. But I’m starting to have a different principle when it comes to furniture, thinking that no one will even know that it’s a designer chair unless they are interior design enthusiasts.

So guilty as I am, I bought a couple of replicas of Jasper Morrison Air Armchair which an authentic one costs more than $180 but I got it from Uratex Warehouse for P2,400+ (including 10% off.) Since it’s not one of the really expensive designer items, I wouldn’t feel guilty adding some DIY touch to it.

What do you think? Is it ok to buy replicas considering all the effort the designers have put into their work and them being deprived of the royalty fee they so deserve? Being a designer myself, I would certainly hate it if someone would make money out of my own artwork. But those furniture are beautiful and classy and when there’s one that’s not a whole month’s worth of salary, we ache to grab it.  And of course, a lot of us are probably unaware that we are already buying fakes. There’s even a site that sells replica furniture. So tempting!

If you’d like to read more thoughts about the topic, I say this is a good read: Say No to Fake Designer Furniture!