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Before and After: Trolley Table Mini Makeover

Since Kenya will be sleeping in our bedroom during her first year and her actual dresser is outside the bedroom, I needed a trolley table for her random stuff like cottons, diapers, medicine, clothes for the day, etc. I wanted to have one custom-made but hubby said there’s no more time so better to just buy one instead.

I found one  that would do in SM Department store for P1,990. Too expensive for me but we got P400 gift voucher from BDO credit card’s current promo and 700 points (P700 equivalent cash value) in hubby’s BDO Emerald card so we generally just paid P900 for it. As usual, I hate the black laminate. It was the same finish as the shoe rack that I painted white and turquoise.

I needed to make it look just right for Kenya and black simply won’t do. I would have painted it if only I still had the energy to do some sanding and patience to paint in thin layers. But my back is already killing me and doing simple things are now really hard so I needed a quickie solution. The solution: FABRIC TAPE!

Cart-make over

Fabric tapes are just like washi tapes except well, you guessed it, they are made of fabric instead of paper. I simply covered the wood with striped fabric tape and accented it with coral fabric tape as well. A task as simple as that would normally be done in 30 minutes or so, but it took me 3 hours to finish including three short breaks, not to mention super achy lower back after. Oh, third trimester, how I hate you…Cart-make over2

For protective sealer, I applied 3 layers of Mod Podge gloss. If you’re wondering where I bought my Mod Podge, it’s from Deovir SM   North branch. I bought my Mod Podge about a year ago but I was reserving it for a special project because it’s just so expensive (P180 for 4oz). I used Elmer’s glue diluted in water instead for decoupage projects and for sealing purposes. But this one is for Kenya so it just have to be special. Hehe!

Week 11-10: Storage Room Fix


I know I haven’t been able to religiously post updates about my home organization challenge. Weeks passed without any new posts just because I was simply lazy. No alibis this time.

Actually, I was never on break when it comes to organizing. It’s just that I can’t totally finish one area and so I could not post any reveal photos. But right now, I can say that I’m 80% done. Almost all our stuff are in their respective places now. storage-before

So here’s what took most of my time when it comes to organization — our storage room. This used to be our maid’s room but since I was never comfortable having stay-in help, I decided to turn this space into an organized storage room. It’s right in the middle of our house too and I’ve always hated how the people who stayed here just couldn’t keep it clean. And what annoys me most is that I have no control over it because it was their room.

When our househelp left last April, I simply dumped all our unwanted stuff here. I don’t have a “before” picture but you can easily imagine how this room looked like before it was emptied. You could hardly see the floor anymore from all the things littered in here. There was a single bed underneath the stairs with shelves, baskets and boxes on top of it; under the bed were more boxes and huge plastic bags. progress1

I am quite proud to say that I tackled this room myself except for the hauling out of the stuff and wooden wall installation. I gave the walls a fresh coat of semi-gloss paint (left-over from our kitchen paint job). Take note that this room had never been touched ever since we moved here more than three years ago so the white paint was all yellowy and icky with stains that I don’t want to know and few vandalisms care of our previous househelps!

I wanted something bright and happy for that wall and since I still have left over yellow paint from the dining room paint job, I gave that wall a coat. Oh, it was also my first time to use wall putty to smoothen the huge cracks on the wall. I don’t know if there was an air-conditioner  or a window installed here before but those cracks were just plain ugly.

I thought about three coats would do but when I checked it out the day after, the wall paint bubbled so I had to scrape the whole thing off. I shouldn’t have wondered why it happened because this wall is a continuation of our living room wall which I covered partially then later on installed mirrors to cover the problem area.progress2

So instead of wasting time and money applying more wall putty, which won’t even guarantee that the wall paint would stay smooth and stain-free, I opted to have it covered with 1/2″ plywood. (The original wall had rust stains that showed no matter how many coats of paint we applied. The only solution is to waterproof it from the outside which is not feasible since it’s the neighbor’s wall already. Yes, that’s how living in the Philippines is…) We used the whole 4’x8′ board here using metal furrings as frame instead of 2″x2″ wood just because my husband still has a lot lying around the garage.

I used pre-mixed wall putty to cover the rivets, applied one coat of primer (flat white latex since I can’t use enamel because, well, I’m pregnant!) and then sanded it smooth using 180 grit sandpaper. I know it’s not how professionals finish a wall but I’m impatient and was having constant allergy attacks due to dust and paint, not to mention this is just a storage room, so I didn’t bother making it perfect. But I’m really feeling proud of myself at this point. storage-after

So here is the progress shot! I used the same seafoam green I used in the living room but added a little white to make it a bit lighter. I still have to do a bit of styling here but it’ll do for now.

Three items had to go through a mini-make over too. The cheap book case on the left was buy1-take1 from Iloilo (for about P600 or 700, I think) and the one on the right, a shoe rack, was our first DIY project. It is made from scrap baseboards. The door was plyboard which I covered with sinamay and wood strips.


I roughly painted the cheap laminated shelves after sanding it a bit then distressed the front. For the shoe rack, I just painted it directly without any sanding or whatsoever and added the yellow “mosaic” look on the door using masking tape. Like I’ve said, I’m lazy and I just need to change the colors of these shelves. chalkboardHere is the chalkboard frame I did that was  once in the kitchen. I just changed the frame color to yellow to make it pop a bit. More work needs to be done here but at least this room no longer is your typical storage room. I’m planning to stash my DIY loots here. 🙂

Ikea Hack: Faux Native Table

I’m still working on having a beached-themed living room and the process is taking so slooooowly that’s why you’re not seeing further updates. From the rate I’m going, the big reveal might probably come mid-next year or worse, end of next year. I just hope not. Anyway, here is one accomplished task (out of 500, kidding, kinda…)

I can’t buy any new furniture right now so I just have to make-over my existing ones to match the theme I’m going for. I have an Ikea Lack table that just looks lousy but I can’t part with it because there’s hardly any furniture in the house. For the longest time, I’ve been thinking of what I can do with it like decoupaging it with fabric (can’t find the right fabric), painting it (looks tacky and plain), adding mosaic (not too beach like). Then one day, while window shopping in Landmark, I found this nylon woven placemats that will look great with the table. I want something similar to a wicker chair or basket and like I said, I can’t afford anything right now. I have the rest of the materials like the sisal rope I bought months ago in Quiapo so I grabbed for of the placemats and went home excited to start a new project.

See, it’s ugly now so I need to act quick. The process is pretty self-explanatory so I’m just posting pictures. But feel free to ask me if anything is unclear.

White glue works well for the table top. I tried using it on a leg but failed, unless I want to hold the placemat around the leg and wait for the glue to dry. Contact cement (rugby) works better. Just apply thin, even coats on both surfaces (the leg and the placemat) and allow a few minutes for it to dry. It will stick flat and perfect. I even attempted using white glue for the rope. I didn’t know what I was thinking then…

Four placemats were exactly enough for this table. I wrapped rope on the uncovered part of the leg to remedy the damaged bottom. I don’t think a damp mop can do much harm now.

I just love the texture, so native and local. I wish I could finish the living room so you could all see my table with the rest of the gang.

Oh, while editing the images, I asked my 3-year old son which looks better, the old one or the new one. He likes the old one better. 🙁 I don’t care, I still think it’s beach-y.

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