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SMDC Unit Designed for Leasing Purpose

When working on small units, I always try to make it look larger than it really is. As always, light color and a huge wall mirror never fail me. This particular SMDC Jazz unit is bigger than the typical ones I’ve worked on before because it is an end unit. If you noticed, the space is wider as there is an extra wall after the kitchen countertop and the main door. But the layout is generally just the same and adding more storage in the living room isn’t possible because of the huge column in the middle.

Anyway, here’s what I came up with. Something neutral which the future tenants can customize by changing the pillow covers or changing the artworks.

By the way, sorry for the fish eye photos. I just got my GoPro back then and was too eager to try it out that I forgot to take proper photos from my DSLR. Hehe!


jazz-rental11The sofa has drawers and can be converted into a sofa bed. It also has a storage ottoman but it is too short to use it to make the sofa into an L-shaped one. (Don’t trust my photo. I just moved it forward to make it look L-shaped, but there really is a big space behind it!)  I got them from Furniture Source just in case you’re wondering. 🙂jazz-rental6The white bricks is just wallpaper but I love, love its 3D effect! 😀DCIM100GOPROGOPR0192.The roomy kitchen!And the bedroom! There is a white upholstered leather headboard but I accidentally deleted that one photo of it! :'( 


jazz-rental320160607_191336That’s a custom storage ottoman with caster so the tenants can easily move it to the living area in case they need a foot stool or an extra table.

20160607_210527And once again, the living room view. 😀

20160607_190454-1And of course, the bathroom…jazz-rental5Should you wish to have your unit decorated too for leasing purpose, kindly fill up this INQUIRY FORM.

Maximizing your Condo Unit Space with SB Furniture

Last June 9, I attended SB Furniture Collection Launch and Showroom Tour in Bonifacio Global City. I have heard of SB Furniture before but never really considered it for my condo projects. I thought this was just another department store brand that wouldn’t last long, but I was proved wrong after the event.

Whenever I design, I always consider the durability and flexibility of the pieces that I choose. As a designer, my clients trust me on choosing good quality furniture without going beyond the budget and so I try to avoid those that are made from low quality MDF that warp over time.  When I saw SB Furniture’s items, I know that I will now keep their catalogs for my future projects. There is a wide variety of designs that may go with almost any themes you have in mind. 

img_6138As SB Furniture Merchandising Manager Jackson Cue said: “We at SB Furniture understand how personal the home is, so we make sure to help customers get a home that reflects their personality and preferences through extensive product lines that consider varied needs and home themes.”

img_6082I personally love their hanging cabinets which you can combine to create bigger storage. The white cabinets above are sized 120 x 30 x 40cm which is perfect as media cabinet, an overhead shelf above the bed or even a storage console table along the hallway.img_6113If you are looking for something Scandinavian in theme, they also have furniture in light oak wood finish. img_6117Should you prefer something more classic, the Spazio Collection may be for you. The clean lines in dark wood finish adds elegance to your space.img_6049For your sweet tween daughter, the Patisia Collection may be something she would fall in love with. One of my client’s daughter actually wanted a pink bedroom like this one. Hehe!

img_6174SB Furniture’s showrooms and stores are located in Bonifacio Global City (in photo), Makati, Alabang, Ortigas, Quezon City, Sta. Rosa, and Pampanga. For more information, please visit their website at

We like for our customers to think of us as a friend and partner so we encourage you to share your vision with us. The consultation with our design specialists will help you get a clearer picture of how to maximize and lay-out your space. When you’ve selected what you want, we offer fast delivery and home installations – so you can actually get your dream home all in one day!

-Jackson Cue

Travel-Inspired Unit for a Young Family of 3

When the client approached me via email, I knew this was going to be a fun yet challenging project. First off, they are based in Dubai so we had to communicate through Skype/Viber/Hangouts. Dealing with clients online isn’t new to me since I worked as a freelance graphic artist for years with most of my clients based abroad. But interviewing a client via video chat, instead of comfortably seating face to face in a coffee shop, made me feel a bit self-conscious (I can see my face in the screen while I talk, haha.) I also needed to have their unit ready by the time they come to Manila for a 10-day vacation. Since they wouldn’t have time to buy the things they need, I had to buy everything from kitchen utensils to having the beddings laundered. It was like preparing a hotel room! How fun is that! 😀

Anyway, a little background, the clients are husband and wife with a cute boy who was about to turn one that time. Both of them are flight attendants and have shared a lot of travel memories together, so I thought a travel inspired theme would be perfect for them. The wife loves fun and light colors and specifically asked for a barn door. Here’s the initial moodboard that I came up with.

moodboard-jan13Travel inspired themes don’t have to include a world map or a collection of globes in the design which I often see when I search the net for inspiration. It’s too blunt for me. I want something graphic yet discreet so I based the color scheme on the typical world map/globe: pink, light blue and ochre.

The couple’s requirements were: 1.) happy colors 2.) storage for their luggages since they will stay in the unit whenever they visit Manila 3.) change the tile flooring to something warmer (granite tiles are too cold for the feet) 4.) barn door for the lady of the house 4.) subway tiles 5.) glass kitchen cabinet and 6.) Eat, Pray, Love wall art.

beforeThe unit is fully furnished and had built in partition, making it hard to play around with layout since there was already a cabinet installed. I had to remove the partition and start from an open plan layout.

IMG_3717 (3)

IMG_3700 (3)

Since the owners will not be living here, just staying for 10 days or so twice or thrice a year, I opted for a bar type dining table to create more space for family gatherings and for their little one to play around. They can change the photos in their mini gallery every time they come back home and write freely on the chalkboard (1)

This sofa can be unfolded to create a bed or a larger floor seat. Hehe!IMG_3729 (3)

We replaced the PVC bathroom door with custom barn door as per client’s request. IMG_3705I had the “bedroom” part of the floor elevated to create very deep drawers for their luggages. These drawers are about 90cm deep, a small person can even hide in there. Haha! The stair is also a storage for random items.IMG_3693 (3)The back of the partition is their closet and a built-in platform style bed. bedroom-storage IMG_3744 (3)

The old black kitchen countertop was replaced by white granites tiles.bathroom (3)

I also had the wall mounted lavatory removed to build a new countertop. Now, the bathroom has extra storage under the sink, a huge mirror and a place for toiletries. eat-pray-love

The custom-made, hand-lettered Eat, Pray and Love wall art! sofa

I actually had a hard time finding the right artwork for this wall. I initially wanted an oversized black and white art print but it needs to be something that has meaning to them since I really want this unit to be very personalized. They will only get to stay here for a  few days and so I want them to feel like they have come home to their very own special abode. I asked the client to give me 15 places that are memorable for them and turned it into a print. 🙂

The canvas art is also another DIY. Did you notice that there are lots of triangular elements in the unit (the pendant lights, wall art, painted bedroom wall, corner, etc)? Because both are flight attendants, the triangles came from the airplane wings and tail. See, discreet travel inspired theme… Haha!storage2 (1)

sofa-bed (4) bedroom


If you want to inquire about my interior styling service, kindly fill up this INQUIRY FORM.

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