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25 “DIY-able” Paper Light Shades

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am in search of ideas on how to dress up my pendant lights. I actually have 8 lights to dress up in the house and so I need LOTS of ideas. I love paper and I have lots just lying around the house so I compiled interesting paper shade ideas for my pleasure and yours.

Quick and easy DIY with instructions:

1. Steal the secret ingredient of interior and furniture designer Nichole Loiacono and recreate this dreamy, fluffy white paper lantern.

2. Add interesting details to your plain, white Ikea lantern from CraftyNest.

3. A video tutorial from Traveling Mama. These weren’t created with lights considered but I guess you can easily make adjustments to accommodate a bulb.

4. Easily add a pop of color by adding colored tissues to your lanterns via Martha Stewart.

5. Create a 3D modern light shade out of the simplest things that you can buy online or in your nearest supermarket and homewares store. via Cutoutandkeep

6. I am inlove with this simple die-cut falling leaves shade by Patricia Zapata

Origami Inspired Lamp Shades:

7. Origami lamp shade design by Tomoko Fuse. Folded instructions included.

8. Another origami lamp shade with instructions.

9. Not exactly origami, but there’s still folding involved from

DIY-able but requires patience and time: 

10. This drum shade is designed by zipper8lighting at Etsy. It utilizes hundred of of pieces of folded paper. It reminds me of paper fortune tellers we used to make back in grade school.

11. Another creative lamp using scrap paper strip by graphic designer Gabrielle Guy. via ScrapHacker

12. This is a unique paper lamp shade by Cut & Paste. via FurnitureSides

13. And my favorite of them all–Wanessa Carolina’s rolled paper lamp. I’m a definitely going to steal this idea for our living room light! So pretty!

Paper lamp design ideas:

14 and 15. Design ideas from DeLuxe Interior

16. Paper lamp by Carl Zahn via CubeMe

17. VARMLUFT from Ikea

And if you love paper lamps but don’t have the guts to make one, buy one instead. These are my gorgeous finds from Etsy.

I absolutely love origami lamps. I tried doing a simple tulip origami (following the steps in YouTube) and gave up halfway. Someday when I have the patience, I will do try again. But for now, I’ll drool over these Etsy finds.

18 and 19. Fiber Lab’s Etsy store.

20 and 21. Studio Snowpuppe. I super love their pastel color origami lamps as well as their pastel colored textile cables. Quite pricey though. I wish I could figure out how to do this myself.

22. Coral lamp by Berlin designers in Studio Aisslinger via CubeMe. Any idea how you can DIY this?

23. Cup’o Lights via Yanko Design

24. Tetra Box light via Yanko Design

25. Bulbous Handmade Paper Lamps By Paula Arntzen Hang Like Glowing Sculptures via Inhabitat

I hope you found your inspiration. 🙂 By the way, check out my version of DIY paper light shade here.

My cheaper version of pendant light

When we had our living area renovated a bit last June, I decided to have a couple more lights installed since there was only one and it was right in the middle of the room, so it was kinda dim when you’re on either sides of the room. Even when the light was on, we still need an extra lamp when we’re working (work area on the left) and another one when we’re reading in the sofa (on the right). More lights on=higher electricity bills.

So the lone light in the middle was moved further to the right so that it is now above the coffee table. One hanging light was installed above each of our work desks so that we can turn it on just when needed. No need to turn on the living area lamp or for an extra lamp.

I found a lot of tutorials about DIY pendant lamp and they all seemed so easy because a kit can be purchased in Lowe’s or Home Depot. Since we don’t have Lowe’s in the Philippines, I went to Wilcon Depot to ask for pendant light kit and as expected, they don’t have it! (We have Home Depot though but I didn’t check them out.) The staff looked at me as if I were a lunatic when I was explaining to them what the kit is. They were probably wondering why I don’t I just buy a ready-to-install one instead since hundreds of choices were just above my head.

I ended up buying a couple of sockets and round bulbs instead with another idea in mind. Ok, it wasn’t actually mine. It was my husband’s…  It’s really easy, quick and way, way cheaper.

What you will need:

  • light bulb socket
  • flourescent lamp of choice
  • PVC Pipe (you can recycle the excess)
  • screws

Using a hacksaw blade, slit about 1.5 inches along the mid-section of the pipe. The pipe needs to be flexible enough so that you can bend it to create “wings”. You can do this by running the pipe (just the part where the slit ends) lightly through a flame. While still hot and flexible, bend it using a table edge as guide. Trim the excess plastic and sand the edges. The end product should look like picture #3. Using a large heated nail (run it through a flame too) and pliers, make a hole on the wings. Do steps 1-4 again on the other side, this time making sure that the holes will match the bulb socket holes.

Insert the wires inside the tube and screw the top end on the ceiling. You might need your husband’s help on the wirings but if this is not your first time to install lights, then you probably had this figured out already. I think you just need to loop the copper wires on the bulb socket screws. But which is which, I have no idea so don’t rely on me on this one if you don’t want to get yourself electrocuted. Get help now! When you successfully get past this step, you can now disguise the ugliness of the pipe by painting it!

Now, my lights are ready for dress up! The possibilities are endless. I can use baskets, round paper lanterns even light weight bowls. There are so many things I like, I can’t make up my mind.

Project Cost:

Bulb sockets – P50.00 X 2 ($1.25 x 2)

Akari Pearlescent – P250.00 x 2 ($5.50 x 2)

PVC – P0.00 (scrap)

wires – we had extra

Total: P600.00 (about $13)