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Gutsy me: Dressing Up a Condo

My poor blog has been ignored for quite some time now and I blame it to never-ending graphic design projects. Not that I’m complaining. I really thank my clients for trusting me. But as the saying goes, when it rains, it pours. Thankful still.

Aside from the projects that kept me busy, this one has been keeping me away from my blog too.

After designing a public restroom, I am now bravely trying my hand on actual interior design. Such guts do I have! Hehe! Well, I love furniture shopping and all those hours spent surfing the net for beautiful interiors should better be put to use so I volunteered myself to decorate my sister-in-law’s condo unit.

Here are the mood boards that I did for quick style and color reference. Most of the furniture are custom-made to include much-needed storage. This includes the sofa, ottoman, built in breakfast nook, beds, closet, floating shelves and even the dining table.

I’m also trying to learn Google Sketch up to help me accurately plan the space. There’s so much to do and learn and I’m loving every minute of it!

Interior decorating is definitely no joke. When I do graphic layouts such as brochures and web interface, there’s not much numbers (measurements) involved except for the paper size or template size. But in interior design, I can’t just sketch a table and hand it to the carpenter. I have to do the actual measurements (well, not actual-actual. My husband does that.) But the best part is shopping! Even if I have to tackle Divisoria for the cheapest fabric, it is just all so worth it!

You might be wondering why I have such guts to do something that isn’t exactly my profession. Well, I’m a Fine Arts grad majored in Advertising Design. And since Interior Design is a Fine Arts major, I had also taken probably half of their curriculum. Right now, I’m trying to recall perspective and mechanical drawing while I’m still learning Sketchup. I just need to get more familiar with the principles and trends in interior design.

So that’s it for now. You will be seeing more of this project, I promise. Good luck on me pulling this off!

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