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Finally, My DIY Paper Lamp Is Done!

I really do not want to buy anything for this house because like I’ve said before, we won’t be here forever and the house is showing more and more signs of deterioration everyday so it doesn’t deserve anything  new. There are a lot of affordable pendant lights but I still don’t want to buy anything. The house might just ruin it. So all the hanging lights we have right now are the cheaper versions. Read here how we did it.

Anf now after several months of trying to think of an idea for those bare lights and after a couple of unsuccessful tries, I have finally finished the lights in our dining area! Yey!!!

But let me show you my first attempts just to let you know that DIYers don’t always get things right the first time.


This is my first attempt to create a paper lamp from scratch using a corkboard and lots of tracing paper. The idea was to create a round lamp using folded paper. I didn’t even get halfway when I gave up on this idea. I like the idea of folded tracing paper though.


The second one was an attempt to copy Nori Morimoto’s pendant lamp using formica edging strips (each strip was cut into 4 narrower strips without cutting it all the way) and the pinned on the cork board. I used an a potholder to support the cork board because all those strips were weighing it down.


I actually like this idea too but it looks a bit off when I hung it. Probably because it was too small for our dining table. I would have to improve on the design though but I will definitely do this again for another lamp. If you have a better idea, please share it with me… 🙂

Finally, tired of my bare lights, I found some cheap round paper lanterns from Daiso for P88/each. They have ‘victory’ and ‘zen’ written on it but I didn’t care, it will be covered anyway. So back to my first idea, I folded hundreds of paper and stapled it. I used hopia paper that I bought from National Bookstore (3 pcs for P12.75).You can use tracing paper too or rice paper or any thin colored paper.

I folded each sheet 5x to come up with 2″ strips, cut it then folded the strips again 2x so there were 4 smaller strips. As always, I didn’t bother making sure that cut them straight. They will be glued randomly on the lantern anyway . Once all the strips were cut, I stapled each. There were hundreds, I swear. Good thing Bryce was there helping Mommy out. 🙂

Using a glue gun, I attached the strips on the paper lamp, making the spiral wire as my guide.


Here it is halfway…


And the finished one… Yay!!!


Here they are side by side. As much as I wanted to take photos of our dining area with my new lamp, I just cannot come up with decent pictures. I will someday when there is better lighting in the house. But if you want to imagine how it looks like in our dining area, here’s an image of the dining

This is how the lamp looks like when not lit. Bad picture, eh?

diy-paper-lamp3Sorry, but I really can’t help it. This is it again in its lighted glory. I just loooove my paper lamp. Haha!

By the way, you can read this post for other “DIY-able” paper light shade ideas.


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