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Quick Photo Editing Using iPhoto, Photoshop and PIXLR Editor

Disclaimer: I’m going to use one photo to show the slight differences of the three softwares. So pardon me if you keep seeing the same shot of my daughter’s face. Hehe!Quick Photo Editing Using iPhoto, Photoshop and PIXLR Editor

Let’s face it. We may have the latest camera phone, pocket cam or DSLR but most of us are no professional who can manually manoever the camera and always come up with perfectly lit and color balanced picture. I bet your DSLR is always on Auto-mode because mine is, except when I’m taking product shots. The perfect moment to capture is right there so I wouldn’t risk missing it just so I can take my time manually setting my cam. Good thing there are editing softwares available so we can make our photos look almost professional. Forget over-the-top filters! Hehe!

Whenever I edit my personal photos, I usually adjust only three things: the exposure, brightness and contrast and color balance. Adjusting the color isn’t always necessary though. Just in cases when the image looks like it has too much red/pink, yellow, blue, etc. Don’t get too intimidated. Editing is actually easier than you think…


If you’re a Mac user, your computer has built-in iLife which includes iPhoto. It’s a great software for filing and grouping pictures as well as image editing.


I took Kenya’s picture using my Canon EOS-1100D (yeah, I know, very entry level cam, that’s all I can afford. But this proves that you don’t need high end cam to have nice looking pictures.) It was taken at the beach, around 11:45 am using my camera’s portrait mode. Notice that the picture is very pinkish all over and lacks proper highlights and shadows.


When using iPhoto, your first option is to: edit>quick fixes>enhance. But sometimes, clicking enhance will only make your image darker like my photo. So the next option is to manually adjust your image.iphoto-2

First, adjust the exposure, contrast and saturation by moving the slider to the right. I cannot give the exact value since images are different. You have to trust your eyes for the right setting. Do not uncheck “Avoid saturating skin tones” if you don’t want your portrait to have grayish skin.

Kenya was sitting on a white, plastic beach lounge chair. Notice that the chair still looks pinkish after already adjusting the exposure, contrast and saturation. Let’s minimize the pink in the picture by adjusting the levels.


Move the middle slider to left a bit until the pink on the white chair is gone. And that’s it!


The Joy of Parenthood

Sorry if for the next few days I will be posting baby pictures. I can’t help it! These moments only come once in a lifetime.KuyaBryceKenya

It’s our fifth day with Kenya and aside from engorged breasts and sore nipples, I’m doing quite good (and hopefully, so is the hubby.) I was expecting sleepless nights since we never had one with Bryce (and I don’t think we’re that “lucky” to not experience it with the second baby) but so far, except for the first night, we can still get fairly good amount of sleep. Kenya sleeps through the night and we only wake up 3-4 times to change diapers. She’s rarely up during the day too so I still get to sleep and even still have the luxury to blog. 🙂

Bryce is enjoying his new role as big brother and we’re making extra effort to spend as much time as possible with him. The hubby is now in charge of helping him with his Kumon assignments and reading to him before he sleeps. He still spends the day with me in the bedroom watching his movies and so I think nothing changed much except for one little addition in our room. It’s only been 5 days and I know we haven’t seen the challenges of raising two kids yet, but so far, being parents to two is great!

When Bryce was born, I didn’t have a DSLR camera yet and so most of his earlier pictures weren’t that good. I am not that good of a photographer and I need a LOT of practice using manual mode. I only have 18-55mm lens and nothing else so I have to work with what I have. For an acceptable lighting, I can only shoot on good day before lunch in our bedroom (the only place in the house where the natural light from the window is good enough.) These are what I’ve got so far today with the help of Photoshop.kenya-pout-blogI really hope to take better pictures next time. Adorable babies: the perks of being a mom!

Reunited with Nature at Last!

Last December 24 and 25, we were invited by a friend to their humble abode in the midst of a mountain somewhere in Sta. Maria, Laguna. I was actually looking forward to this trip because it’s in the mountain! Nothing excites me more than spending the night in the mountain, filling my lungs with fresh air (no allergies in the morning) and enjoying the scent of the grass. magnificentThe place was only two and half hours away from Manila so it’s a perfect get away from the stressful city. I wish we had our own piece of land there with trees of course!

The highlight of the trip was the falls. The water was definitely inviting but the urge to take photos was stronger. This opportunity doesn’t come too often, you know.

Bryce by the falls

No water is too cold for Bryce.

I’m not sure what the elevation is but we must have been pretty high up. It felt like someone turned on nature’s air conditioner but way, way better because the air just felt and smelled wonderfully delicious.


Even Morgan, our year-old Lab, enjoyed the hike and the swim in the falls.

Sorry, I’m so bad at sharing this trip. I’m actually out of words to describe the experience. It’s just pure bliss… I hope these pictures would speak for me instead.

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