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Patterned Wall Inspiration

Two of our walls right now are being fixed due to the paint damage caused by the flood and I want one of the walls to be my favorite wall (a.k.a. accent wall). So I’m searching the net for ideas which I can easily execute. Yes, me! I will work on that wall myself. Here are some of designs that I love aside from wide stripes and chevron stripes:

Shoshana used gigantic pizza boxes to create the circles. Clever isn’t it? I can totally do this.
Stamping is easy too. I actually have an idea on how to execute this using styrofoam for the textured effect. Although I don’t think leaves would work with my wall. But I’m loving the stamp idea.
Very striking graphic pattern indeed. I want something bold and this I could do with just a painter’s tape in hand.
Love, love, love! This might be the one. Graphic, hand painted and bold! Yellow is also perfect considering my color palette for the house.
Ok, don’t be confused. Do not look at he wall above the bed, look at the rug. I initially wanted stripes for the wall but this rug gives it a twist.
I think those are my final choices. I’ll post the finished wall as soon as I’m done with it.

30-Day Design Challenge Overview

If  you could remember my first post about finally having the ideal color scheme for the house, well, I’m glad to announce that it’s a work in progress. The 30-day challenge includes:

1. Making the first floor (Living room/work area, dining room, kitchen and the unknown area next to the dining room) bright, clean-looking and organized.

2. Budget: P15,000 (or less, maybe 10?)

Basically, I want the house to have this kind of feel, light and airy like a beach cottage.  (more…)