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10 Must-Do DIY Projects for 2013

It’s almost the end of 2012 and I know most of you have been pinning DIY projects for the past months. How much have you actually tried from among the ones you pinned? Don’t ask me. I think I’ve only tried just one or two or probably none. So why don’t we try these popular pins from last year and make it our New Year’s resolution to accomplish all of them (that is if you haven’t done it already.)


1. String art – There are so many versions out there, but this one is my favorite because the bright strings look beautiful against the rustic wood.

2. Cutting a wine bottle – I have always wanted to try this and this tutorial is so far the simplest and easiest one to do.

3. Crochet basket method – If you know crochet basics, then you can definitely do this for making rugs and baskets.


4. Transfer an image on a canvas – This really is a must do for me.

5. DIY Tinted Mason Jars – I’ve always wanted to do this with all the bottles I accumulated but never really found the time to do it. I will try this one soon.

6. DIY chalkboard paint in any color – It’s so hard to find black chalkboard paint here in the Philippines and I don’t think there are colored versions available either. So this tutorial is just perfect for me or for anyone who wants to save huge.

7. Handmade felt flowers –  Decorative handmade pillows are so expensive so I’m creating one instead. I already have felt anyway.


8. Moss graffiti – We have a plant box but I can’t plant anything because our dog will just chew everything off. This one might add some greens outside the house.

9. No-sew roman shades – For people who don’t know how to sew like, this is a useful tutorial.

10. DIY Sharpie tie-dye – Another Sharpie project! Can’t wait to try it.

I like it rugged!

Gone are the days when dirty Adidas Superstar, Vans and Chucks rule my wardrobe. Back in college, my idea of humiliating is being caught with a brand new pair of rubber shoes, soles gleaming white without a hint of mud. I was never really that kind of girl who is comfortable with being “polished.” One reason is that I could never, ever maintain a white item clean. Make me wear a white shirt for a day and there would some sort of stain even before lunch comes. So, I always say to myself, I like it ruggedly beautiful.

And since, I need a new cellphone case (my old one is super dirty, I can’t let strangers see it) and I have a few scrap fabric lying around, I decided to make one “ruggedly beautiful” cellphone case. I swear this is so simple you can do this without a sewing machine.

Read on for tutorial…

What you need

  • Canvas (I have a lot of left over from the painting I did last month)
  • Needle and Thread
  • Sharpie


Cut your fabric according to your phone’s size and sew the edges. I don’t have a sewing machine so I did one of the stitches I learned way back in primary school, back stitch! I used black thread for contrast, but you can always use whatever color you like.

Next, turn the fabric inside out and make a tiny fold on the seam.

Make another larger fold. Make sure there’s enough fabric left to keep your phone from peaking.

Here’s where your elementary stitching knowledge comes in use again. Start doing small diagonal stitches to secure the fold onto the canvas.

Once you have finished, start again on the opposite side to create small crosses. Don’t worry about making it too perfect. We’re doing ruggedly beautiful, remember?

And now for the fun part, take out your Sharpie and start doodling to your heart’s content!

When this gets dirty, this can easily be tossed in the washer along with the other laundry. Simple and easy, right?

PS. If you have zero knowledge on basic stitchings, this site would be a great help.