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How to Accessorize Your Basic Flats

I posted before that I bought 2 plain flats for only P399.75 and you saw what I have done with the black one here. Now, I still have another one, the yellow one, that needs some oomph! By now, I think you’re starting to realize that I love shoes. But as much as I wanna have a closet-full of shoes, I’m not willing to spend my hard-earned money on shoes which I’m going to wear just once a month.

So here’s an idea for all the shoe-holics out there.

I won’t do any detailed tutorial post anymore since this is pretty straight forward. First, I attached the rough side of the velcro to my shoes. I used Bostik’s Sew No More but it wouldn’t adhere well to the back of the velcro so I ended up doing a few stitches to secure the velcro to the shoes. I doubt if hot glue would work either. The best bet is really to sew it. If you are using non-fabric shoes like faux leather or suede, I think Sew No More would work or even rugby. Just feel free to experiment and shoot me a tip if you find something that works. I’d be very much grateful. 🙂

The next step is really up to you and your creative brain. Using the other half of the velcro, sew/glue whatever design you wish. For mine I bought some shell-looking buttons and white felt from Carolina’s. The black ribbon is left over from the black shoes I did. Tip: Make sure your design goes beyond your velcro. You don’t want people to know your “secret.”

Here it is again…

Don’t worry about not making it too perfect. Trust me, noone would notice… I think I should do this with black shoes too.

Glam Up Your Plain Flats

I was in Megamall yesterday when I stumbled upon these cute little flats. For P399,75, you can have 2! What a deal, right? I need a pair of black flats anyway so I got a black one and a yellow one and went straight to Carolina’s to give those shoes a face lift. For P200/pair, I don’t want to get caught wearing the same shoes as the other 5000 people who bought them.

The steps were really simple, anyone can do it for 30 minutes!

Black Flats – P200.00

Ribbon – P25/half a yard

Pearls – from my old bracelet

Bostik Sew No More – P190 (but I have it since last year)

Total: P225 for the flats!