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Simple String Wall Art


I’m currently in the process of decorating our living room (I say decorating, not redecorating as it was not even properly decorated before.) Even though the ground floor is furnished with essential furniture like sofas, a center table, our work tables, dining set, it still lacks personality and I need more accessories to fill up the area. As usual, the budget is tight and since this isn’t our permanent home, I don’t want to buy pieces that won’t fit in our future house. And so I still resort to DIY.

Just in case you haven’t seen my previous post about our living room update, here it is again:

living room

You see, there’s a big, blank, white wall behind the sofa that is begging for some wall art. I can’t afford to buy anything new so I just have to re-use whatever is in the house. I used to have these three simple frames made from 2″x1″ wood which I wrapped in black fabric the painted with acrylic for some splash of color (sorry, I don’t have a picture.) I placed them above our bedroom console table but were taken away when our TV was mounted on the wall.


What I did was wrap the two frames with yellow washi tapes.step1

On the inside, top and bottom, I measured 2-inch gaps for the thumb tacks. This is where I will wrap the yarns. It’s basically like a string art using nails but since I want the string to be inside the frame, I can’t use nails. It’s up to you how you would wrap the strings. You can even make the gaps between the tacks smaller (like an inch) so you can see more strings. But I’m lazy so I did 2 inches. Maybe one of these days I’ll add more.String-art2


I used to colors but again, it’s all up to you. Some of the tacks were loose and I’m afraid the strings will unravel so I used hot glue for reinforcement.


Here is the finished wall art now. Remember that beach sign? I mounted three palochina planks on the same frame and dyed the wood with coffee. You can read about how I did it here.

10 Must-Do DIY Projects for 2013

It’s almost the end of 2012 and I know most of you have been pinning DIY projects for the past months. How much have you actually tried from among the ones you pinned? Don’t ask me. I think I’ve only tried just one or two or probably none. So why don’t we try these popular pins from last year and make it our New Year’s resolution to accomplish all of them (that is if you haven’t done it already.)


1. String art – There are so many versions out there, but this one is my favorite because the bright strings look beautiful against the rustic wood.

2. Cutting a wine bottle – I have always wanted to try this and this tutorial is so far the simplest and easiest one to do.

3. Crochet basket method – If you know crochet basics, then you can definitely do this for making rugs and baskets.


4. Transfer an image on a canvas – This really is a must do for me.

5. DIY Tinted Mason Jars – I’ve always wanted to do this with all the bottles I accumulated but never really found the time to do it. I will try this one soon.

6. DIY chalkboard paint in any color – It’s so hard to find black chalkboard paint here in the Philippines and I don’t think there are colored versions available either. So this tutorial is just perfect for me or for anyone who wants to save huge.

7. Handmade felt flowers –  Decorative handmade pillows are so expensive so I’m creating one instead. I already have felt anyway.


8. Moss graffiti – We have a plant box but I can’t plant anything because our dog will just chew everything off. This one might add some greens outside the house.

9. No-sew roman shades – For people who don’t know how to sew like, this is a useful tutorial.

10. DIY Sharpie tie-dye – Another Sharpie project! Can’t wait to try it.

A Breath of Color

Well, hello, August! It’s been raining almost non-stop for a week now and you know what it’s like to bloggers without external flash and those expensive, techy lighting equipment. Sad, sad season for taking photos…

Anyway, here’s another department store find desperately in need of a fresh breath of color. This is actually for my friend, Angel, who is moving into their new home soon and the kids’ bedroom needs a lamp. Of course, when she bought this in SM Dept. Store, I immediately volunteered myself to jazz it up. (A sweet entry addition to my blog. Heehee)

Now here’s the before and after picture.

The images were taken in our room, on my bedside to be exact (that’s my “mini-studio” because that’s the only place in our entire house that has good amount of sunlight.) I can’t wait to photograph the lamp in its actual place, Hannah and Abby’s bedroom.

The process is pretty much self explanatory but if you’re still lost, it’s just exactly the same as my yarn-wrapped container. I just have one additional step in the end.

Apply white glue all over the lamp (it doesn’t necessarily have to be Mod-Podge though), spreading it evenly using a brush to protect your lamp from dust and dirt.

TIP: Don’t skip the glue when wrapping the yarn around the shade. You might end up having some sort of problem in the end, like the rows of yarns moving out of its place and spending extra 30 minutes rearranging the yarns. That would be really, really, and I mean, REALLY, infuriating. Not that I’m speaking from experience… ok I am… Don’t do the same mistake.

Oh and brace yourself for more yarn-wrapping ideas. I’m totally addicted to this. 🙂

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