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Toilet Gawker: Hong Kong

If you have seen my first toilet gawker post, then you already know that I have this weird obsession with beautiful public restrooms. I don’t know about you, but even though we only spend time in the bathroom out of necessity, I still think it should look as good and creative as the rest of the building or establishment. So I really appreciate it whenever I see creatively executed toilets.

And here are a couple of public toilets I liked during our recent trip to Hong Kong.

Below is a sculptural wall art in a hallway next to Home Center’s second floor public toilet. When will we ever see something like this in SM malls? Not in this lifetime, I guess.


The folks who designed this must have been young or at least young at heart to include “fun” on the bare tiled walls. Loving those playful decals! And look, a separate nursery where the whole family, even the dad, can go into.toilet1a

Love that pixel man icon too!toilet1c

All the bathrooms I’ve been into were equipped with sensor faucets. Is it because water is not that cheap in HK? Whatever the reason is, it’s a good idea especially for small kids who can’t reach the handle. I’m not sure if you could see it in the picture but they utilized the space under the mirror as paper towel dispenser. Another good planning since you can dry your hands right after washing them, thus avoiding water drips on the floor.

Below is the entrance to The Bayview Restaurant toilet in Ocean Park. Outside the restaurant is the world of jellies thus the jelly fish design on the walls. Hehe!

Residential space is a luxury in Hong Kong but I can say that they are pretty generous when it comes to public toilet. I can do a cart wheel in here. Haha!toilet2a



The wall and floor tile details.

See, this is how bathroom reminders should be done, in an artsy way, just like what we’ve done in our Kingdom Hall toilet.

Of course, not every public bathroom in Hong Kong is as well-polished as the above. This one is one of the cubicles in Victoria Peak. Half of the cubicles have floor bowls like this but thankfully, the other half have normal toilet bowls. You know what I’m talking about… 🙂 The first time I saw this was at the University Station toilet during our first day. I couldn’t get myself to do my  business here so I waited almost an hour until we got back to Shatin Station.
toilet3Have you been into any beautiful bathroom lately? You’re welcome to share. 🙂

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