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Wedding Invite: Jan & Hazel

Last December, my bestfriend, Hazel Joy, from high school got married and as promised, I did her wedding invitations as a gift for the couple. The concept was all up to me (see, that’s how much she loves and trusts me) and so  I did whatever I just felt like doing that time. Their color motif was orange, yellow and blue. I wanted something fun, unconventional and graphic.

wedding invitation

The Save the Date was a bookmark/tag, something recipients can hang somewhere so they can easily be reminded of it and or can be used as a bookmark. If I were much generous, I would have created a graphic artwork at the back too. Hehe!

For the main invite, I wanted a little anticipation and participation from the recipient so I asked another friend to sew the 3 pieces of invites together. You have to pull the strings first to see the other details such as entourage, place and time of ceremony and reception.

Congrats again, Hazel and Jan! Quick update on them: Hazel’s about to give birth anytime soon and I mean anytime, hopefully tomorrow or Friday. Can’t wait to see their little bundle of joy! That’s another joy for you Hazel Joy!

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