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Weekend Project Inspirations

I haven’t been able to post anything for a while due to some technical problem I was having with my site. It’s all fixed now so blogging, here I come.

Let me end the week with inspirations I found during my weeks of surfing. Aside from Pinterest, there’s another site I use to gather inspirational photos. Houzz is a site that lets you browse and organize photos related to home design and decorating. I’m addicted to this lately and I swear, this would bring out the interior designer in you.

Here are some images that  I found in Houzz (for sale) that are good for DIY. These are all included in my line up, but if you beat me to it, give me a shout. I wanna see what you’ve done.

1. Succulent Orb Forms:

Fairly easy! This looks like a Grade 3 project. First, find a styro ball according to your desired size (National Bookstore has them, I think.) Then, glue the fake plants using your good ol’ glue gun. You can use your existing fake plants if you want to save money or if you’re just aiming for similar style but if you want this look exactly, you can always go to a department store and buy fake succulents. When you’ve covered the ball’s surface, stick the hook through the styro and secure it with glue just to make sure it wouldn’t fall off somebody’s head (hopefully not yours!) The chain can be bought in any hardware store like Ace, Wilcon, Handyman, etc. You can use a screw hook to attach it to your ceiling.

2. Tree graphic and shelves

I’m planning to do this one for Bryce’s bedroom soon. I don’t want to spend money on wall decal and I don’t have any plans of changing Bryce’s room design for the next 3 years (hopefully we’re no longer in this house by then) so I’m using white paint instead  which I already have, so no money spent!

3. Sunburst Mirror
Two words, “walis tingting”…
4. Round Mirror
Look at that elegant looking mirror! Do you think I can pull it off with different sizes of paper cups?
5. Au Naturale hooks
Now I know what to do with those bamboo and tree trimmings that I saved.

6. Wall Art

My husband has a bunch of used checks that will be perfect for this.
These DIY ideas are really easy so I’m going to do each every weekend. Watch out for my version! 🙂

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    July 7, 2012 at 11:08 am (6 years ago)

    Wow, Michelle. This is what we call creativity. When I get my own apartment, I will the outdoors planters and the sunburst mirror. But instead of using walis tingting, I will use the bamboo skewers. of course the round mirror has to be proportional to the skewers. I also would like to do the au naturale hooks. Now the only thing missing is the apartment. 🙂 Thanks for these ideas.


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