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A Breath of Color

Well, hello, August! It’s been raining almost non-stop for a week now and you know what it’s like to bloggers without external flash and those expensive, techy lighting equipment. Sad, sad season for taking photos…

Anyway, here’s another department store find desperately in need of a fresh breath of color. This is actually for my friend, Angel, who is moving into their new home soon and the kids’ bedroom needs a lamp. Of course, when she bought this in SM Dept. Store, I immediately volunteered myself to jazz it up. (A sweet entry addition to my blog. Heehee)

Now here’s the before and after picture.

The images were taken in our room, on my bedside to be exact (that’s my “mini-studio” because that’s the only place in our entire house that has good amount of sunlight.) I can’t wait to photograph the lamp in its actual place, Hannah and Abby’s bedroom.

The process is pretty much self explanatory but if you’re still lost, it’s just exactly the same as my yarn-wrapped container. I just have one additional step in the end.

Apply white glue all over the lamp (it doesn’t necessarily have to be Mod-Podge though), spreading it evenly using a brush to protect your lamp from dust and dirt.

TIP: Don’t skip the glue when wrapping the yarn around the shade. You might end up having some sort of problem in the end, like the rows of yarns moving out of its place and spending extra 30 minutes rearranging the yarns. That would be really, really, and I mean, REALLY, infuriating. Not that I’m speaking from experience… ok I am… Don’t do the same mistake.

Oh and brace yourself for more yarn-wrapping ideas. I’m totally addicted to this. 🙂

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